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2 comments and 2.8 rating average 300 Leonidas great movie 2006 king Spartan soldiers vastly overpowering enemy being Persian Xerxes great army story Greece Frank Miller graphic novel remembering 1962 Spartans
pretty obvious Zack Snyder inspiration subject irrelevant action motivational speeches few hours fun Special effects important role camera work incorporation brilliant Gerard Butler Lena Headey David Wenham 
cast major contributor success transform major motion picture version reality parody prepare glory tonight dine hell

This great movie is based on historic tale of king Leonidas who together with 300 Spartan soldiers managed to hold off, at least for some time , vastly overpowering enemy. Enemy being Persian king Xerxes and his great army. This story being old as Greece itself was clear basis but then we have Frank Millers graphic novel and also remembering movie that came out in 1962 named The 300 Spartans there is pretty obvious where writter and director Zack Snyder together with co-author Kurt Johnstad got his inspiration. On subject of movie 300, story is completely irrelevant, action, action and some motivational speeches from king himself are well worth few hours of fun. Special effects play important role in this movie but not kind of effects that take away viewer from movie. All camera work and incorporation of effect is brilliant. Gerard Butler as king Leonidas, Lena Headey, David Wenham and whole cast were also major contributor in success of this great work. If you want example how to transform graphic novell based on historical event into major motion picture look no further. Beside all genius stuff with camera and acting did i mention lots of fun. I strongly reccomend 300. First see version from 1962 to get some sense of reality and then this mind blowing 2006 version. Finish it all of with next movie in our database which is parody on 300. In any case Spartans, prepare for glory, tonight, we dine in hell !

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