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Candy Crush Saga

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4 comments and 2.85 rating average Candy Crush Saga brilliant game with 500+ levels available Facebook iPhone iPad iPod Touch Android devices contains very interesting 
puzzles tons off different combos young old Variation four row features great gameplay pretty animations sweet soundtrack brag 
about high scores acchievements social networks which for some is good thing huge player community Well done and throughout every recommendation us

Candy Crush Saga game contains very interesting puzzles and tons off different combos that make this hit game for young and old alike. Variation on four in row game, this one features great gameplay, pretty animations and sweet soundtrack. Add to that capacity to brag about high scores and acchievements on social networks which for some is good thing and no wonder we have huge player community. Well done and throughout out game which gets every recommendation from us.

  • comment icon anonymous: "great game for puzzle lovers and combo masters ;)"
  • comment icon anonymous: "not that much try searching on google for candy swipe, man was ripped off from candy saga folks. dark bussiness indeed."
  • comment icon anonymous: "bad carma this game brings to all who play, sorry."
  • comment icon : "I've been playing candy crush for a long time. Unfortunately you have changed your game program to taunt the player into thinking that he has a chance to win, and then taking that chance away with the next candy drop. I know that the name of the game is to let the player get as close to winning but still lose, but now you are blatant about it. You game has turned into an exercise in frustration. I'm looking for entertainment not frustration. If it continues much longer I will be forced to move on to other entertainments. King has made a fortune making Candy Crush fun to play. Now most of the time I'm ready to throw the iPad I get so frustrated with your attitude. You think that you are funny, but I'm not amused."

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