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Crystal Saga

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2 comments and 2.8 rating average Crstal Saga free play massive multiplayer online role playing game FTP MMORPG OMG nice good
bad vibrant community world repetition quests graphic anime cartoon childish beutifull
revolutionary boring excells traveling system automatic depth items combining stuff pets mounts
directly browser free financial aditional software trying

This FTPMMORPG, OMG, is just nice, not too good, but not too bad also. There is vibrant community, massive world and everything but also there is repetition. Quests that make one think more about meaning of life and make you want to just turn your computer off and go out. Few thing must be mentioned about Crystal Saga Graphic, not great but fun, on begining few photos looked like some kind of anime cartoon but sadly it is not. Most of the time it is just childish, and overall not beutifull at all. Quest system is like go there, kill that or get that to someone and that is that, so nothing revolutionary. In fact it would be pretty boring if there wasn not for one thing this game excells. Its traveling system, you know those long walks to anywhere. Well in Crystal Saga you get there automatic. And depth of items and combining stuff like pets and mounts are all things why you should try this game. So to recap, good stuff traveling, crafting and bad ones story, quests and graphic. Dont forget Crystal Saga is free to play and works directly in browser so there is no financial or aditional software cost in trying it.

  • comment icon googlePlusUser: "sure, they designed this character drawings to get crowd in game system. sexy mages and priests... who could stay away from Click Me button :D"
  • comment icon anonymous: "not bad game but too many things in this complex game rely upon spending money. Me not like. Shame, too because it is not that bad."

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