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4 comments and 2.8 rating average Cursed Treasure intelligent Tower Defence TD free flash on line game Towers invaders mind control explosive ballista level played experience points upgrade characteristic price damage mana enemies good excellent brilliant rating paused speed up muted navigation intuitive tutorials IRIY SOFT notdoppler App Store

Cursed Treasure is intelligent Tower Defence (TD) free flash on line game where three types of Towers. They are then placed to stop invaders on their way to steal your gems. Towers must be placed on cleared specific terrain and with experience achieved they can then be upgraded on many ways. For example: mind control towers, explosive ballistas etc. After every level played, experience points are obtained and they can be used to upgrade overall Tower characteristic such as price, damage made... In addition to Towers, the enemies can be destroyed with the meteor shower that is produced from mana collected. You can play 15 levels of the game passing them with good, excellent and brilliant rating (brilliant is when you survive level without invaders even touching your gems). The game can be paused, speed up and muted easily and whole navigation trough game is made easy for the users. In addition, the game is intuitive and no long tutorials are required to be absorbed before playing. Although low levels appear to be too easy for serious players (and can be played without pausing the game when doing other tasks), last levels are requiring full attention. For all TD fans, this game will be very satisfactory; especially in achieving brilliant ratings for all levels (I personally did not achieved brilliant rating for level 15). The game is made by IRIY SOFT, sponsored by notdoppler and available on the App Store.

  • comment icon user one: "king is dead, long live the king"
  • comment icon anonymus: "nice begining... keep up the good work!"
  • comment icon king of sorrow: "i managed to pass all of it :D"
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