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Da Vincis Demons

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5 comments and 3.15 rating average TV series BBC Starz 2013 surprises season visual attractive view early years great artist inventor genious Leonardo da Vinci driver Renaissance trully Man historical truths mostly poetical picture full explores untold story Leonardos inventing future Vincis time history thought faith controlled fights set knowledge free young struggles inner darkness tortured gift superhuman genius heretic intent exposing lies religion insurgent seeking subvert elitist society bastard son who yearns legitimacy father subsequent work military engineer Duke of Milan Borgias events also contain mystic Child of Earth guides unlocking hidden areas mind accessing Fountain of Memory related noetic theory akashic records ancient stories Mamisbrunnr Old Norse rememberer the 32nd Path Kabbala Tree Life Celtic religions Upanishads mytharc formed character becomes involved quest Book Leaves mystery cult Sons Mithras brutally antagonistic relationship Medicis shadowy wars secret societies dangerous romance undercover spy political schemes Florence Milan fighting power Medieval backdrops combined hi-tech CGI visualize intense imagination eidetic memory processes scientific monologue sometimes paired slow-motion rotoscoping blueprints

This series is one of surprises in this bleak 2013. TV season. Very visual and attractive view on early years of this great artist, inventor and genious Leonardo da Vinci. This driver of Renaissance and trully renaissance Man is pictured here with some historical truths but mostly poetical and picture full way. We very much cant wait for start of second season that will air in 2014. Series explores the untold story of Leonardos inventing the future at the age of 25, at a time in history when thought and faith are one man fights to set knowledge free. The young Leonardo struggles with his inner darkness tortured by a gift of superhuman genius. He is a heretic intent on exposing the lies of religion. An insurgent seeking to subvert an elitist society. A bastard son who yearns for legitimacy with his father. The series includes many of Leonardos real inventions and subsequent work as a military engineer for the Duke of Milan and later for the Borgias. The events also contain a mystic who calls himself Child of Earth, who guides Leonardo in unlocking the hidden areas of his mind by accessing the Fountain of Memory, related to noetic theory, akashic records, ancient stories found in Mamisbrunnr, Old Norse the rememberer, wise one, the 32nd Path of the Kabbala Tree of Life, Celtic religions and the Upanishads. The mytharc is formed when Leonardos character becomes involved with a quest for the Book of Leaves and the mystery cult known as the Sons of Mithras. Entwined together are Leonardos brutally antagonistic relationship with his father, who works for the Medicis, the shadowy wars of secret societies, the dangerous romance with an undercover spy and the political schemes of Florence and Milan fighting for power. Medieval backdrops are combined with hi-tech CGI to visualize Leonardos intense imagination, eidetic memory and thought processes, with a scientific step by step monologue sometimes paired with slow-motion and rotoscoping blueprints. Cast includes Paul Westwood as Niccola Ardinghelli, husband of Lucrezia Donati. Ross OHennessy as Commander Quattrone, leader of the Florentine Militia David Schofield as Piero da Vinci, father of Leonardo. Allan Corduner as Andrea Verrocchio, mentor of Leonardo. Ian Pirie as Captain Nazzareno Dragonetti Michael Elwyn as Gentile Becchi, adviser to Lorenzo and Giuliano. Nick Dunning as Lupo Mercuri Elliot Levey as Francesco Pazzi Faye Johnson as Camilla Pazzi Michael Culkin as Jacopo Pazzi Abbie Hirst as Allegra Pazzi Stephen Marzella as Father Antonio Maffei John Cording as Father Stefano da Bagnone David Sturzaker as Bernardo Baroncelli Tom Oliver Cornish as Jacomo Bracciolini Fiona Dolman as Anna Donati Jan Erik Madsen as Zircher Hugh Bonneville as Galeazzo Maria Sforza, Duke of Milan Vincent Riotta as Federico da Montefeltro, Duke of Urbino Paul Rhys as Vlad Tepes Geoffrey Newland as Capaldi Christopher Elson as Jacopo Saltarelli.

  • comment icon anonymous: "wow, longest review on this fabulous site. Personaly i found many suggestions for my media life on, thumbs up!"
  • comment icon anonymous: "thanks on this series recommendation/review. Love it so far, cant wait for 2014 for this and Vikings to continue."
  • comment icon anonymous: "great tv recomendation really, thanks on reviews."
  • comment icon anonymous: "venus revolves around sun, naturaly."
  • comment icon anonymous: "They lost it a bit at end only in this tv series"

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