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Dr Who

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Doctor Who is British national legacy, SF TV series produced by BBC and running for unbelievable 26 seasons over 49 years (funny thing is that BBC does not take Dr Who as national treasure, leaving 106 episodes from first six years of broadcasting to be destroyed with poor storage?!). Dr Who is Time Lord, a humanoid alien, which travels trough time and space in time machine called TARDIS mostly accompanied with one British pretty female (currently Amy Pond, played by Karen Gillan, who is joined by her husband Rory Williams, played by Arthur Darvill). Dr Who was played by various, more or less successive actors (currently played by Matt Smith), and thanks to the regeneration skills, whereby the Doctor after regeneration receives a new body and to some extent, new personality this change of main actor was not insulting to average viewer. Dr Who, is low budget SF series without expensive special effects that becomes the most successful SF series of all time in terms of its overall broadcast ratings. However, Dr Who is not so appreciated in US and as result Whokies are not even so close in numbers to Treckies. Reason for this maybe lies in the fact, that Dr Who was originally created as educational series (historical background of episodes) and many young SF fans are not accepting this idea. Another reason for lack of popularity by younger SF fans is the fact that Daleks, main Doctors enemies are funny metal boxes similar to R2D2 from Star Wars, no way to be dangerous and terrifying. But you must see Dr Who (at least from 2005 to present time) because of many reasons such as: if you dont like the main actor, dont worry - new will come, Torchwood needs to be seen in the context of Dr Who, there is true romance (between Doctor and Rose), Dr Who has interesting companions (from robot dogs to homosexuals), TARDIS inside is very impressive, the whole series is full with old fashion 100% action (explosions, running, gunfire etc) and many many more...

  • comment icon dr who: "Great show, great review. One thing to make it more interesting: These tapes that are lost in fact were destroyed on purpose by BBC to make room in storage room. I guess renting some more storage space was to much to ask. So 100 episodes or so are lost for all of humanity. anyway, keep posting :D"
  • comment icon anonymous: "they found some, in Africa, i think."
  • comment icon anonymous: "current dr who should have stick to either football or stables. sorry."
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