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5 comments and 3.1 rating average Elementary TV series child CBS crime drama aired 2012 female dr. Watson played Lucy Liu John Lee Miller Sherlock Holmes two years after BBC drama Sherlock not infringe 
bring something new  original world Arthur Conan Doyles character todays world features after addiction problem moving New York sober companion Joan Watson LucyLiu
Very acctual hacking whistleblowing cult brand leader and relatively good performances main protagonists highly watchable shock 2013 Cast Aidan Quinn Captain Tomas Tommy Gregson
Jon Michael Hill Detective Marcus Bell Ato Essandoh Alfredo Llamosa Rhys Ifans Mycroft Holmes Sherlocks older brother

Altrough this TV crime drama series started airing almost two years after BBC drama Sherlock it does by words of both not infringe on them. In fact opinion is that both bring something new to original world of Arthur Conan Doyles character. Set in todays world features Sherlock played by John Lee Miller after addiction problem, moving in New York, and hiring sober companion Joan Watson played by LucyLiu. This conection goes on thru whole season 1 and in season 2. Very acctual be it hacking, whistleblowing, cult brand leader and relatively good performances of main protagonists make this TV series highly watchable. Also after initial shoch of Watsoh being woman thing starts to work well- Worth watching in 2013 and after. Cast still includes Aidan Quinn as Captain Thomas Tommy Gregson, Jon Michael Hill as Detective Marcus Bell, Ato Essandoh as Alfredo Llamosa and Rhys Ifans as Mycroft Holmes, Sherlocks older brother.

  • comment icon anonymous: "my dear Watson gets whole new meaning on all those high heels ;)"
  • comment icon anonymous: "great series recommendation/review. eagerly await 2014. for this, Leonardo and Vikings to continue."
  • comment icon anonymous: "all three of tv series stated above are really refreshing and welcome."
  • comment icon anonymous: "my dear watson has never had such good looks before..."
  • comment icon Aly Chiman: ""

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