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Heroes Of Might And Magic

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3 comments and 2.8 rating average fantasy game series turn based fantasy strategy restoration erathia armagedons blade shadow death gameplay brilliant monsters buildings artifacts skills enemies infinite combinations antichrist archangel diamond dragon lord thunder archmages medusas vampires goblins orcs elves minotaurs hydras

None game series is so weirdly truncated as this turn based fantasy master piece. I mean you go search the web and you will find hosts of people still playing Heroes of Might and Magic 3: The Restoration of Erathia(1999) with its additions Armageddons Blade(1999) and The Shadow of Death(2000). But none is playing its latter succesors parts 4,5 and 6. It is only because gameplay in part three and its addons is brilliant. Bunch of monsters, buildings, artifacts, skills and enemies in infinite combinations with little help from random map generator equals hours and hours of fun. This great balance of interesting and random was lost in latter parts and will probably never return. We dont mind we will keep playing old one and if you havent already, dear reader, i advice you to try it too. Not only me but also: Antichrist, Supreme Archangel, Diamond Dragon, Lord of Thunder, bunch of Archmages, some Medusas, Vampires, Goblins, Orcs, Elves, Minotaurs, Hydras and many many others give thumbs up to this truly great game.

  • comment icon siri: "great point about sequels, they indeed suck. Keep it up."
  • comment icon anonymous: "Heroes of Might and Magic great review!"
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