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3 comments and 3 rating average Hustle tv series review eight brilliant seasons long con mastery BBC produced educational purposes select targets offer manipulate situation London griffters eight seasons 2012 Tony Jordan 2004 long con extended deception skill commitment great acting characters Adrian Lester Michael Stone Mickey Bricks Robert Glenister Ash Morgan Three Socks Matt Di Angelo Sean beautiful Kelly Adams Emma Kennedy Robert Vaughn Albert Stroller Rob Jarvis Eddie Jaime Murray Stacie Monroe Marc Warren Danny Blue Ashley Walters Billy Bond cant con an honest man

Without a doubt must see if for none, then for its educational purposes. How to select targets, what to offer, how to manipulate situation for sole purpose of relieving target of bunch bundles of cash. Sterling. London griffters will win you too if you give them a chance. Unfortunatley after eight seasons in 2012 BBC announced that this eight season will be its last. Series is created by Tony Jordan and is airing since 2004. It is real intro into art of long con, extended deception which requires lot more skill and commitment than ordinary short con or confidence trick, but also yields much more reward. Acting is so great and charachters are so lovable that they all deserve mentioning in this review, so by episode count here we go. Adrian Lester as Michael Stone aka Mickey Bricks, Robert Glenister as Ash Morgan aka Three Socks, Matt Di Angelo and beautiful Kelly Adams as Sean and Emma Kennedy, Robert Vaughn as Albert Stroller, Rob Jarvis as Eddie, Jaime Murray as Stacie Monroe, Marc Warren as Danny Blue and Ashley Walters as Billy Bond. Enjoy and remember, you cant con an honest man.

  • comment icon anonymous: "If you like TV series Hustle watch Leverage too."
  • comment icon anonymous: "make some more of these please :D"
  • comment icon anonymous: "Do not offer him money, he has money. Offer him something only you can give. Something he can not get anywhere else. Something small and yet so significant."

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