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3 comments and 3 rating average Leverage Hustle UK US hollywood touches less adult british counterpart 2008 2012 TNT television drama series hitter thief grifter hacker mastermind 
Nathan Ford Timothy Hutton Alec Hardison Aldis Hodge Sophie Deveraux Gina Bellman Parker Beth Riesgraf Eliot Spencer Christian Kane modern versions 
Robin Hood fraud stealing cheating grifting good cause John Rogers Chris Downey Dean Devlin Red One good fun like

Aired from 2008 till 2012 this TNT produced television drama series focuses on team consisting of hitter, thief, grifter, hacker and mastermind. All five characters are great and after few episodes you get them on some level. Mastermind is Nathan Ford played by Timothy Hutton, hacker is Alec Hardison performed by Aldis Hodge, grifter is Sophie Deveraux portrayed by Gina Bellman, thief Parker done by Beth Riesgraf and hitter Eliot Spencer performed by Christian Kane. These five characters are not used functioning as team but very fast finding common satisfaction in being modern versions of Robin Hoods they become great mobile unit for fraud, stealing, cheating, grifting... All for good cause, offcourse. Five series were written by John Rogers and Chris Downey, produced by Dean Devlin, shot with Red One cameras in great resolutions it offers lots of action and interesting views on right and wrong on this world of ours. Also great supporting cast with plenty of interesting names : Mark A. Sheppeard, Jeri Ryan, Kari Matchett, Rick Overton, Robert Blanche, Goran Visnjic, Elisabeta Canalis, Will Wheaton, Leon Rippy, Saul Rubinek, Tom Skerritt, Richard Chamberlain, Clayde Craford and Adam Baldwin to name the few. All these names guarantee goos fun in this Hustle like tv series. Enjoy.

  • comment icon anonymous: "Great Mastermind TV series, if you liked hustle this will be good too. Enjoy."
  • comment icon anonymous: "great tv show ideas you have here."
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