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Lie To Me

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Lightman group owned and run by dr. Lightman specializes in capturing sub-expressions and different body tells to provide information wether someone is lying or telling the truth to his clients. His team is employed by various public authorities in random investigations, and it pays well. Interesting information about body language gets viever from the begining and i must say towards end in season three releases that grip a bit. Explanation for that loss of attention is pretty depleted subject and writters had hard time keeping this series alive and fresh but cast of Tim Roth, Kelli Williams and Brendan Hines has deserved huge admiration for their roles. Special thanks for this interesting series goes to creator Samuel Baum. One more thing Dont Lie to me !

  • comment icon anonymous: "good but to difficult to maintain interest and thus short."
  • comment icon anonymous: "good tv show, good review."
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