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3 comments and 2.95 rating average NBC ran crime drama television series seasons abruptly stopped making Damien Lewis great Zen detective Charlie Crews NBC tv series about man who found zen serving time maximum security prison imprisoned greatest genre crime drama television drama resonates how to introduce zen into your life material gained characterisation studios recommend this

NBC tv series about man who found zen serving time in maximum security prison where he was imprisoned for 12 years for something what he didnt do. Did i mention we are talking about one of the greatest charachters created in this genre of crime drama, name of detective is Charlie Crews, he is played by brilliant Damien Lewis. Most folks watch this show for him but there are others, lots of other reasons why you need to see this two season gem of television drama with heads and tails. Abeit short it resonates with messages and tips on how to introduce zen into your life. We all are so sad that this has not lasted somewhat longer because i would really think there is more material to be gained from characterisation like this. But hey, we are not studios so we dont really have saying in what we would like to watch and what to cancel. Anyway recommend this in any way and to all. Two thumbs up.

  • comment icon anonymous: "Violence against other is violence against all, violence against all is violence against myself, I will not be violent to myself."
  • comment icon anonymous: "TV Series Life is like Firefly, one season wonder :p"
  • comment icon anonymous: "great tv, thanks. I first red this and was completely surprised with it..."

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