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Plants vs Zombies 2

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1 comments and 2.7 rating average plants versus zombies two amongst us wow they finally made it but stinks electronic arts acquired waited some time favorite android platform due respect competitors plants zombies finally here pvz2 title has won several awards withstanding best mobile game informer mashable slide bad ratings players sucks satisfied levels necessary difficult possible towards buying real money millions great google gaming services humble opinion again money futile things micro transactions dont work some games diversity of puzzles interesting problems gone this incarnation heavy gameplay invention impossible replaced more enemies repetitive movements play first sorry not doing Jericho not ready ea first imho truly amazing funnily enough racing best multi player driving better please comment what do you say on plant versus zombies sequel

At least on our favorite Android platform with all due respect to competitors. Plants vs Zombies Two is finally here. PvZ2 This title has won several awards not withstanding Best Mobile Game at E3 Game Informer, Best Mobile Game 2013 Mashable, Game of the Year 2013 Slide to Play but in my and opinion of 150k bad ratings by other players it sucks. They were not satisfied with more plants and levels. It was much more necessary to make it as difficult as possible that one might be more lean towards buying for real money that it stinks. One cant ignore millions of players who gave this title great ratings so to them this is by far the best free to play title this year on this google gaming services. My humble opinion again, this stinks, no i dont want to spend money on futile things, yes i would like playing it but at this rate of impossibility count us here at out. I would pay for this game if it is fairly balanced, but pay one sum to remove adds and to play, these micro transactions simply dont work in some games. Also while first one was maybe the best in one thing, diversity of puzzles and interesting problems that aspect is gone in this incarnation. This one relies on heavy game play which makes it impossible to play longer like first one allowed. All invention in puzzle solving is impossible and is replaced by more and more enemies and repetitive movements. There you have it, if you want some good old plant on zombies action play first game.

Also sorry for not doing Jericho but it is not ready yet. We laid our hands on some EA Android games so we did them first. This one imho sucks but next one, next one is truly amazing. It is funnily enough from same house and is called Real Racing and is best multi player driving game so far for android. If you know of some even better please comment, also what do you say on plant versus zombies sequel?

  • comment icon originalSpaReview: "EAs Plants Vs Zombies 2 or Pvz2, we still prefer old version..."

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