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Shopping Street

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2 comments and 2.85 rating average Shopping Street tycoon like on line free cash management game retailer earning money operating shops upgraded cash flow good buildings level passed excitement player engage brain annoying

Shopping Street is money tycoon like, on line free cash management game where you are retailer earning money by operating various shops that can be upgraded increasing cash flow. Although idea is good and the buildings and people are presented nicely, the game becomes boring somewhere in the middle of levels passed, as no other excitement except upgrading is given to the players, no change of shoppers movement paths, no curves or anything that can engage your brain. Nothing to lose in not playing this game and Shopping Street 2 is equally annoying.

  • comment icon anonymous: "not bad but still waiting for terrific city planing game."
  • comment icon XSIV2SROS1YXXCFGBRCMXISX ""

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