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Star Trek Into Darkness

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1 comments and 2.65 rating average Star Trek Into Darkness Plot first directive violation violated movie 46 tradition saga done J.J. Abrams started 2009 redo fashion optimisticaly continued 
2013 edition deserve Kids 7 J. J. gang piss Gene Herritage prejudice Spock kisses manage possible mating outside pon farr love god cries too much poor 
fellow probably seizure stroke iminent death letting tear fact real Capitain James Tiberius Kirk man sogging meterosexual tip iceberg technology enterprise 
design atmosphere just wrong Aligning warp core foot stomps unbelievable moronic insults viewer sick after watching Burk Lindelof Kurtzman Orci turns 
kill spirit mention cast irrelevant context Dont watch piece soul die if you do

What started in 2009 with first redo in similar fashion named optimisticaly just Star Trek continued in this 2013 edition of something that does not deserve to be named even Star Trek Kids 7 let alone Star Trek Into Darkness. J. J. Abrams and gang took a piss on Genes Herrittage and they done it with prejudice. I can live with Spock getting few kisses now and there, i can even manage possible mating outside pon farr but for love of god Spock that cries is just too much. I mean poor fellow would probably have seizure, stroke and iminent death before letting tear, and that is fact. Also real Capitain James Tiberius Kirk is a man, not some sogging meterosexual, a man. These two are just tip of iceberg, technology, enterprise design and whole atmosphere is just wrong. Aligning warp core with foot stomps after which everything falls in its place is just unbelievable, i would dare to even say moronic. In every case this movie insults viewer, making everyone even remotely familiar with this wonderfull world sick after watching. Abrams, Burk, Lindelof, Kurtzman and Orci take turns on who will kill the most of spirit that was star trek. I wont even mention cast because it is irrelevant in this context, Dont watch, a piece of your soul will die if you do !!!

  • comment icon anonymous: "lmao JJ Abrams is doing violation of Gene"

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