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The Dictator

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2 comments and 2.8 rating average The Dictator classic Sacha Baron Cohen style about heroic strugle last world dictators belowed country lovingly opressed Democracy way 
good movie few great gags scenes dialogue further good taste creator nuts expected lines brilliant expaining Americans great States had dictatorship 
sounds familiar scary worth watching especially recent revolutions removal real beware USA built black man owned china Haffaz Alladeen coming

Released in may 2012 The Dictator shows heroic struggle of one of the last worlds dictators to keep his bellowed country he so lovingly oppressed out of Democracy(harms) way. Sacha Baron Cohen is good as ever, movie has few great gags, some scenes and dialogues went a bit further away from good taste than we are used to, but with creator this nuts who can say what is to be expected. Some of his lines are brilliant, like expaining to Americans how great it would be in States if they only had dictatorship. It all sounds a bit to familiar, a bit scary. The Dictator is movie worth watching especially in light of recent revolutions and removal of most worlds real dictators. So beware USA, country built by black man owned by china man, Haffaz Alladeen is coming.

  • comment icon anonymous: "what is Sacha up to these days?"
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