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The Settlers Online

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14 comments and 3 rating average the settlers online browser strategy like massive multiplayer game legendary Settlers PC modern world big shoes predecessors triumphs graphic feeling area problems visit trade buff buildings 
very slow ingame interaction beetwen users players chat hours of waiting Great engine delivers pretty graphic directly ruined faulty math troups death attacking enemy sacrifices really boring fast
fight system better strategy numbers improved remarkable perfect try it yourself free

This is like massive multiplayer resources based game that tries to bring legendary Settlers PC game in modern online world. With big shoes to fit when looking at its predecessors this game triumphs in graphic and feeling area with no problems. The problem however is that it is not really multiplayer, it is like i can visit you, and chat with you, maybe trade and buff some of your buildings, but that is that. At least in this reacheable part, as this game is very slow. No in game interaction beetwen users beside chat and trade and slow gameplay makes for hours of waiting. Great engine that delivers really pretty graphic directly in browser is pretty ruined by faulty math in game. For instance, you will have to send first 200 troups directly in death before really attacking your enemy and these sacrifices get really boring really fast. If fight system was better and more inclined to strategy than to mere numbers and if somehow interaction beetwen players was improved than this would be remarkable game. Until it becomes perfect it is best that you try it for yourself as it is free and if nothing really pretty browser strategy game.

  • comment icon anonymous: "still playing, level 31. slow but cute game."
  • comment icon anonymous girl: "i agree, pity as there is not many browser games like this."
  • comment icon anonymous: "great fun and really zen game all but one fact.... recruits die to much ;p"
  • comment icon DutchGodess: "this game is still in beta but ubisoft made an effort of making hard dvd edition which gives one great head start in this gorgeus game. I am going aranging my island and economy now."
  • comment icon anonymous: "best online multiplayer game by far, especially since all contact with others is via chat and market without additional social components like FB or G . Lots of folks that know wisdom of ages mixed with some bright youngsters all together in PEGI7 rated game so whole family can have fun. Great job TSO guys keep it up."
  • comment icon anonymous: "I think commenteer before me is payed by ubisoft as it is obvious that this game is broken, gone! For instance they say it is still beta but they do sell it as retail box. Then there is no ingame help and chat moderators are as stupid that it is beyond of this commentary. Furthermore for every real question you get go to forum or writte to support, and when you do that, for instance I bought building for euros and it vanished, you get same generic we cant do shit response. So to recap, was great game, now ruined with hastened updates and bugs. And as far support goes somalian pirates have better one then The Settlers Online (die siedler online) or TSO as they call themselves. So play it, its free but dont put penny in it as they will steal your real money quicker than you can say tso... "
  • comment icon anonymous: "Please give us suggestions what to play instead of this one because as reader earlier today said "it is broken", this was intended to be strategy but you dont know when will it be available because of several login bugs, then when you do login you get half day unanounced maintenance, and after that some buildings just change their properties without word of notice... it is more like survival game now, not strategy at all."
  • comment icon anonymous: "moderators of in game chat are idiots, support is non existent, all your problems are only yours in this game. I wrote five times to support and still no response, someone should sue these guys. "
  • comment icon floyd: "i am really sorry as i like this game but things are getting worse every week, higher level you get more bugs and more problems occur. Infinite circle help tab-support-no answer-help again-support again-no answer again... doesnt help. It is sad because this game as it is now doesnt deserve to be called strategy game at all, it all falls down on luck. What is the point of game if every day i am locked out for 12 out of 24 hours, personal daily maintenance or what?!"
  • comment icon anonymous: "out of beta version, best online kind of multiplayer game out there. The Settlers Online."
  • comment icon anonymous: "The Settlers Online Christmas Event of 2013 is upon us, what do you intend to get for your pet island?"
  • comment icon anonymous: "the settlers online greatest online browser game ever..."
  • comment icon anonymous: "anno online, imperia online or the settlers online question is now? settlers everyday, hands down, or not?"
  • comment icon anonymous: "easter event 2014 is upon the settlers online world, always fun."

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