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The Walking Dead

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9 comments and 2.9 rating average The Walking Dead TV series comic Robert Kirkman Tony Moore Charlie Adlard drama Frank Darabont survivors apocaliptic global zombie
infestation Rick Grimes deputy Andrew Lincoln flesh eating zombies humanity acctors single light spot Norman Reedus Daryl Dixon brilliant
cast downsides too much violence gore crunching noises logical issues foothold US Army bases every city overrun canibalism moral gastronomical
reasons sex Writers Guild America Golden Globe Award nomination Best Television Series Drama Nielsen rating records 10.9 million viewers
season three 2012 premiere most watched basic cable drama history

Rick Grimes, sheriff deputy, played by Andrew Lincoln awakes in hospital after injury and coma only to find out all is changed. World is gone and rules have changed, flesh eating zombies are roaming the world and there is no safe place to be. However grimm this situation is humanity does not give in. Storyline follows Rick and then includes other briliant acctors who are maybe single light spot of this series. All were great: Jon Bernthal as Shane Walsh, Sarah Wayne Callies as Lori Grimes, Laurie Holden as Andrea, Jeffrey DeMunn as Dale Horvath, Steven Yeun as Glenn Rhee, Chandler Riggs as Carl Grimes, Norman Reedus as Daryl Dixon, Lauren Cohan as Maggie Greene, Danai Gurira as Michonne, Michael Rooker as Merle Dixon and David Morrissey as The Governor. In my humble opinion maybe Norman Reedus gave best role because his character allowed for more diverse acting aproaches but both he and Andrew Lincoln were impecable in delivering emotional responses in varoius dangerous situations. Now as i said cast is brilliant but this TV series has its downsides too, too much violence and gore even if we talk about zombies, too much crunching noises and some unbelievably unecesary evil moves and plots. Also there are some logical issues, if few guys with guns can make a foothold how come all US Army bases and every city is overrun by zombies. And for that fact zombies are so hungry they are crossing great distances in search for food without reverting to canibalism amongst themselves? I guess they have moral or gastronomical reasons. Offcourse I know that today times require certain dose of sex and violence but hey, i still think there is too much of the thing. But as ussuall i am of touch with major population because in its three seasons it has recieved Writers Guild of America Award nomination and a Golden Globe Award nomination for Best Television Series Drama. Also worth noting is that The Walking Dead is owner of few Nielsen rating records from which some are recieving 10.9 million viewers for season three 2012. premiere which became the most watched basic cable drama in hisory of this rating. In dry TV series season like this one is with lots of other series either paused or canceled the walking dead was great refreshment but nevertheless without intro music and great cast it would be mediocre acomplisment.

  • comment icon anonymous: "great rewiev, i look forward to continuation of season three of walking dead as much as to your next writting. Great web log ;)"
  • comment icon anonymous: "bad TV, good .com"
  • comment icon anonymous: "ok, beginings in prison were fun and all but this is pure crap right now. i have slept thru last two walking dead episodes, boring and unimaginative! in real world where army fell in first days of plague bunch of guys are holding a grudge, runing around and shooting each other. What do they all eat? water? all other goods while they run around kiling zomibies like they are some rare rabbits. First shoot and hordes come runing in first episode but now. one skiny zombie chick comes out of bushes and that is it. also guy who was brilliant in Jericho is totaly wasted here!"
  • comment icon anonymous: "your message..."
  • comment icon anonymous: "when is this starting again?"
  • comment icon anonymous: "october 13. 2013 first episode of fourth The Walking Dead season was aired ;)"
  • comment icon anonymous: "prison thing was mistake, now the real plot revolves. only bad thing is all good people that succumbed to zombie plague. "
  • comment icon anonymous: "The Walking Dead(AMC) Returns With Highest-Rated Episode In Series History 13.10.14 Season 5 premiere drew 17300000 total viewers and 11000000 adults age 18-49."
  • comment icon niktit: "dunno, last two episodes were IMHO waste of ever fleeing time..."

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