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Tortuga Defense

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2 comments and 2.9 rating average Tortuga Defense slow boring strategy unchallenging TD on line game defending treasure attacking ships tower upgraded experience waves slow down enemies passing advanced recommend

Tortuga Defense is unchallenging TD strategy on line game where you are defending your treasure from attacking ships. All towers can be easily upgraded after some experience and you can use waves to slow down the enemies and various towers such as: Canoneer, Artillery, Bucaneer, Grape Shot, Marksman, Man-O-War and Musketeer. The paths where enemies are passing are changing and geographical position can be used to attack enemies longer or twice. However with so many advanced towers, the game is boring and slow so not to recommend.

  • comment icon anonymous: "tower defense games. good game."
  • comment icon Celina Tullipan: "it looks like this picture on this site"

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