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Twilight Saga

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Twilight and The Twilight Saga (3 parts) are romantic vampire films based on Stephenie Meyers popular novels. Films are interesting to young population although not reasoned with quality of performance of main actors Kristen Stewart as Bella Swan - the human and Robert Pattinson as Edward Cullen, a 108-year-old vampire. Forget the poor and not convincing acting, slow action, unattractive environment, heartbreaking music, forget it all: it is essential that young generation should not watch these movies for the simple reason: they completely negate the basic characteristics of vampires. So in Twilight Saga, the vampires walk around in daylight without any problems unless somewhat glistening skin. Not only that they are put in an extremely favorable situation in all the battles with other non-vampire beings, but also is not in accordance with generally familiar mythology. There are vampires who walk in daylight (e.g. Blade) but this happens only in special circumstances. The funny thing is that these films will become relevant to some generations of people after the films and films made about vampires who have been killed by day lights as only effective weapon. Even the Angel from the romantic series Buffy the Vampire Slayer is not Daywalker. So if you are keen to watch romantic struggle between vampires and other species, please watch Underworld or Bram Stokers Dracula, avoidance of all Twilights is strongly recommended.

  • comment icon Bram Stoker: "I am turning in my grave."
  • comment icon Twilight Saga The Breaking Dawn 2 is crap.: "how lame is this movie industry going to get, Twiligt Saga especially in last incarnation called Twilight Saga Breaking Dawn 2. I mean spliting this in two parts, really?! it is such complex and grand story we deserve to be carved again and again with such crappy movie combined with mediocre acting... And worst part of it all, but really worst is that people actually go and see this weird hollow crap. "
  • comment icon anonymous: "worst thing that happened to vampires since Van Helsing ;)"
  • comment icon XSISAHZYL35N893YOZPUVISX ""

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